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Most popular Golden Visas (Residency by Investment Programs)

Most popular Golden Passports (Citizenship by investment programs)

Citizenship and Residency by Investment Programs Across the World

In the following tables you will see all the countries that offer citizenship by investment programs in every continent and geographic area. They are sorted in ascending order from lowest investment to largest.

*All amounts are in USD and rounded for comparison purposes.

Citizen and Residency by Investment Programs in the European Union (EU)

Greece$300,000ResidencyRequest more info
Latvia$300,000ResidencyRequest more info
Portugal$340,000ResidencyRequest more info
Switzerland$360,000ResidencyRequest more info
Spain$600,000ResidencyRequest more info
Italy$600,000ResidencyRequest more info
Ireland$600,000ResidencyRequest more info
Malta$725,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Cyprus$2,400,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Austria$3,600,000CitizenshipRequest more info

Other Programs in Countries outside the EU

Moldova$120,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Turkey$250,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Montenegro$420,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Monaco$1,800,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Caiman Islands$2,400,000ResidencyRequest more info
United Kingdom$2,700,000ResidencyRequest more info
Jersey$3,430,000ResidencyRequest more info

Active Programs in Asia and Oceania

Thailand$20,000ResidencyRequest more info
Malaysia$125,000ResidencyRequest more info
Vanuatu$130,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Australia$390,000ResidencyRequest more info
New Zealand$600,000ResidencyRequest more info
Singapore$1,900,000ResidencyRequest more info

Programs in America and the Caribbean

Dominica$100,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Saint Lucia$100,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Anguilla$150,000ResidencyRequest more info
St, Kitts & Nevis$200,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Grenada$350,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Antigua and Barbuda$400,000CitizenshipRequest more info
United States$500,000ResidencyRequest more info
Canada$820,000ResidencyRequest more info

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