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Citizenship by Investment

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Compare the Gold Passports by required investment

Now take a look at this list of countries that offer citizenship by investment

CountryInvestment (USD)Type
Switzerland (Schengen)A significant investment, not specified.CitizenshipRequest more info
Cyprus (Schengen)$2,400,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Austria (Schengen)A significant investment, not specified.CitizenshipRequest more info
Moldavia$120,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Turkey$250,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Montenegro$420,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Monaco (Schengen)$1,800,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Vanuatu$130,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Dominica$100,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Saint Lucia$100,000CitizenshipRequest more info
St. Kitts & Nevis$200,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Grenada$350,000CitizenshipRequest more info
Antigua and Barbuda$400,000CitizenshipRequest more info

F.A.Q. about Citizenship by Invesment

Obtaining nationality by investment or a golden passport is a process that requires you to have a substantial amount of capital ready to invest in the country of your choosing. You will also need to meet a list of additional requirements depending on the program. However, going through this process can be made easier if you have the support of a government authorized agent from the country you wish to apply to.

Every country has their own list of requirements. However, all countries agree on certain basic items that all applicants must meet. Some of the key points needed to obtain your golden passport are:

  1. Possessing enough capital to invest either in real estate or companies inside the country you are applying to
  2. Being a respectable and morally upright citizen
  3. Being of legal age
  4. A language proficiency test may be required in some countries

The amounts needed to buy a citizenship change depending on the country that you choose. Nevertheless, they may range from $100,000 USD, in some islands of the Caribbean, up to €5,000,000 euros in some EU countries.

The time of response depends on the processes required by the local governments. Waiting periods may take anywhere from 7 months up to a year and a half.

As an example, citizen by investment programs in the Caribbean Islands are far quicker than those in the EU.

Choosing an investment program will depend mostly on your personal expectations concerning your future. Perhaps you wish to live in the country of your ancestors, or in a more favorable tax environment; maybe someone told you about the benefits of a second passport by investment -one that allows you to travel freely across the EU.

Whatever your reason is, here you can compare all the citizenship by investment programs worldwide.

Having one of the most powerful passports in the world is no small feat and, without a doubt, one of the main reasons many choose to invest a considerable amount in a EU citizenship by investment.

If a similar drive stands behind your decision, then the best European citizenship by investment program for you is Cyprus.

Now that you know the best citizenship by investment programs, why not get a personalized consultation with one of our experts?

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