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Golden Visas

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Compare the Golden Visa Programs by required investment

CountryInvestment (EUR)Type
Greece€250,000ResidencyRequest more info
Latvia€300,000ResidencyRequest more info
Portugal€340,000ResidencyRequest more info
Spain€500,000ResidencyRequest more info
Italy€500,000ResidencyRequest more info
Ireland€500,000ResidencyRequest more info
Malta€725,000ResidencyRequest more info
Caiman Islands€2,400,000ResidencyRequest more info
United Kingdom€2,700,000ResidencyRequest more info
Jersey€3,430,000ResidencyRequest more info
Thailand€20,000ResidencyRequest more info
Malaysia€125,000ResidencyRequest more info
Australia€390,000ResidencyRequest more info
New Zealand€600,000ResidencyRequest more info
Singapore€1,900,000ResidencyRequest more info
Anguilla€150,000ResidencyRequest more info
United States€500,000ResidencyRequest more info

F.A.Q. about Golden Visas

The main thing that goes into getting a EU golden visa is having both investment capital, and the resources to live in a foreign country.

Conditions and criteria for the investor’s visa change from country to country, and there are many investment options where your money can get to work.

The ideal setting for this process begins when you are familiar with the country you are aiming to live in, followed by the search of either a property or a business opportunity that catches your eye.

The requirements for obtaining any of the European golden visas change depending on the current immigration policies for each country. Overall, the majority of nations offering residence by investment programs agree on the following basic terms:

  1. Being of legal age
  2. Having enough resources to commit to a substantial investment
  3. Proof of legality of your resources
  4. No criminal record
  5. A high proficiency in the official language of the country you are applying to

The amount you will have to invest will depend on the country of your choosing.

However, you should know that rates can range from $250 thousand EUR up to $2.5 million pounds (for the Tier 1 Investment Visa).

The area of investment will also play a significant role, since you can choose to invest in donations, government funds, purchase of property or starting a business.

Most investment visas are valid for 2 to 3 years, this however can differ from program to program.

Once your visa expires, you can apply for a renewal, and in some cases you may also apply for a permanent residency or even citizenship depending on the periods established by each country.

There are many investment programs all over the world. Nevertheless, programs for countries in the EU are in particularly high demand, regardless of whether you are looking to travel freely across Europe and America, or something as simple as relocating to your country of choice.

Every EU country looking to attract investments through their programs, offer the benefits of a Golden Visa in exchange. Yet there are those who stand above others because of their advantages and the overall speed in delivering the final document.

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